So, I’m midway through playing through Final Fantasy X again (mostly because my wife is involved with getting a 100% completion on Final Fantasy X-2, and realized that she’s missing a lot of the previous storyline, so is watching me play that one through again; we each got good at one of the two, so just watch the other play the other), and got to a point where I was wanting to activate Lulu’s Celestial Weapon, and ran into this “if you give a mouse a cookie” scenario:

  1. In order to fully unlock the Onion Knight (Lulu’s Celestial weapon), I need to get the Venus Sigil.
  2. In order to get the Venus Sigil, I need to dodge lightning on the Thunder Plains 200 times in a row.
  3. In order to dodge lightning consecutively, it’s much easier to do if I were to have a “No encounter” armor.
  4. In order to craft a “No encounter” armor, I need to obtain 30 Purifying Salts.
  5. In order to obtain 30 Purifying Salts, I need to steal them from the Zombie Monks at Zanarkand, but they’re a rare steal.
  6. In order to have a better chance of stealing a rare item from them, I need to have a “Pickpocket” armor.
  7. In order to craft a “Pickpocket” armor, I need to obtain 30 Amulets.
  8. In order to obtain 30 Amulets, I can collect them as dropped items from a fight with Stratavis.
  9. In order to fight Stratavis, I need to capture one of each creature from Besaid for the Monster Arena.

Which lead my wife to be slightly confused when I said I needed to dodge lightning in the Thunder Plains and then promptly turned toward Besaid…

Currently I’m in the nice niche phase of the game plot immediately after you get access to the airship, which virtually allows you to go anywhere and do anything. Before continuing on, I have plans to buy out the remaining movie and music spheres in Luca, and patch up my relationship with Yojimbo, both of which require mass amounts of gold, which I’ve heard of a trick (see section 5.0) that once Rikku’s Godhand weapon has the Gillionaire ability should make income an easy feat: a Mimic hit with a Gillionaire weapon will drop 100,000 gil after the battle.

Both for the Mimic battles (who often take out one party member), I’m fixing to make a few “Medic” armors that have Auto-Phoenix on them. I’m thinking Kimhari and Tidus will likely be the recipient of that armor ability. Which means I’ll need 40 Mega-Phoenixes (killl a lot of Extractors in the Moonflow, or bribe a decent number of Acylones in the desert). Incidentally, that will be a good item to start them on their way towards an Ultimate Armor for each of them, so best make it a four-slot armor. I could probably also add in the Auto-Potion once I get the gil to bribe Stamina Springs off a Bashura. Luckily you only need 4 for each Auto-Potion armor, so one bribe of 80 off a Bashura should be sufficient.

Teaching computers / to make art with just some code. / It is what I do.

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