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  • Jessica Skornicka Burns

    Jessica Skornicka Burns

  • Casey Wilson

    Casey Wilson

    PHP Dev, angel investor, nature lover, all around awesome person. Humble too!

  • DesignMap


    DesignMap is a product strategy and design consultancy. We help product teams discover and unlock the hidden power within their products.

  • Gowri Ramasubramanian

    Gowri Ramasubramanian

  • Brennan Fife

    Brennan Fife

    Software Dev

  • Jeff Scott Ward

    Jeff Scott Ward

    HTML5 Front-End Engineer. Loves cats and preprocessors.

  • Gokul N K

    Gokul N K

    Inquisitive, Student, Teacher and a wanna be Story teller. Working on https://learningpaths.io/

  • Elise Schedler

    Elise Schedler

    Engineer @ UW Madison, Badger Blockchain Committee, 100crypto, PM at Bitpayper

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